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Monday, May 4

  1. page Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network edited ... c/o St. George's Episcopal Church 5520 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH 45429 45429mvern@sbcglo…
    c/o St. George's Episcopal Church
    5520 Far Hills Avenue
    Dayton, OH
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  2. page Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network edited The Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network (MVERN) is part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. They ar…
    The Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network (MVERN) is part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. They are a unique ecumenical project between Episcopal and Orthodox Churches. Thirteen different churches in southern Ohio, including 11 Episcopal churches and 2 Orthodox churches, have formed a parish partnership with St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, which is located in the village of Sablino, Russia. Sablino is just thirty miles south of St. Petersburg. MVERN’s rector, Fr. Nikolai Aksenov, leads a remarkable ministry that includes the entire region, including a youth center, an orphanage, and a school for developmentally disabled children. They also have ministries in a hospital and a large women’s prison. As for their connecting to Russia, Dr. Igor Tolochin serves as a vital link between MVERN and Russia. In addition to being a vital link, he is equally effective working with both Russian and American teenagers as chaperone, interpreter, friend, and mentor on the MVERN youth exchanges.
    MVERN has contributed to expanding St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church twice and has donated more than $300,000 in humanitarian supplies and hard currency in support of Fr. Nikolai’s extensive outreach ministry. The village of Sablino is approximately thirty miles south of St. Petersburg. The rising prosperity of Russia has reached neither Sablino nor hundreds of other villages throughout Russia where life has scarcely changed since the end of communism. MVERN’s goal is to help those people of Sablino in their poverty and help give them a better life. They have created the Sablino Youth Center and they also have Cultural Exchanges. That people to join if they want to help.
    in 2004 Fr. Nikolai. With
    MVERN is a great organization in Ohio who is helping make a difference in different parts of the world. They are a non-profit, non-government organization whose main goal is help those in need in Sablino, Russia. They have made many connections in the Russian area and are welcomed with open arms by the community of Sablino. I find it very inspiring and interesting that a group from my backyard of Dayton, Ohio could be making such a difference in people’s lives across the world. We are extremely blessed here in the United States and it is good that people are still willing to help those in need, like the Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network is helping those people who are in need in Sablino, Russia.
    Here is the contact information for MVERN:
    Miami Valley Episcopal Russian Network (MVERN)
    c/o St. Paul’sGeorge's Episcopal Church
    33 W. Dixon

    5520 Far Hills
    Dayton, OH 45419
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Thursday, February 28

  1. page Bloom Africa edited Though they have only been formed within the last few years, the new non-profit organization Bloom…
    Though they have only been formed within the last few years, the new non-profit organization Bloom Africa has already shown that they have their hearts in the right place as far as helping the impoverished regions of Africa. Their main focus is on the small country of Lesotho, located within South Africa. According to Bloom Africa’s website, Lesotho is “one of the world’s least developed countries,” and this is due to extreme inequalities in wealth, the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition caused by droughts. It is a very starved, very poor nation, and it is often completely forgotten about due to its small size (comparable to Rhode Island and Massachusetts combined).
    Bloom Africa began at Wittenberg University in 2010 when a group went on a trip to Lesotho for school. The experience left the group completely stunned, and they knew that they had to create a foundation to connect them to Lesotho. As such, they work exclusively in the country, where they help build infrastructure, such as roads and methods of communication. For help, they work with other NGOs who also do development work in Lesotho.
    The most important aspect of Bloom Africa’s work, however, deals with the medical aspects of treating one of the poorest nations in the world. Lesotho has one of the highest percentages AIDS-affected individuals, and Bloom Africa has worked extensively to get that number cut down. It’s affected the entire nation, as much of the population dies from HIV/AIDS or is affected by those that die. It’s estimated that about 1 in 4 people in Lesotho have contracted HIV/AIDS, which are unfathomable numbers compared to the Western standard rate.
    The staff members of Bloom Africa are all very aware of Lesotho, and have all spent time in the country. They know what it is like firsthand, and they know how to aid in the development of the nation. They want to do all that they can to help, but they are still a very new organization, and have not developed extensive systems and networks. Though they are young, the workers of Bloom Africa are willing to bring some stability to the impoverished nation of Lesotho in any way that they can.
    Their address is:
    Bloom Africa, Inc.
    4605 East National Road
    Springfield, Ohio 45505

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  2. page Grace Church edited Grace Church is a Christian based church in Middleburg Heights Ohio. They look to spread the word …
    Grace Church is a Christian based church in Middleburg Heights Ohio. They look to spread the word of God through their teachings and many different classes they have to offer. Grace is one of a few thousand different members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance that support over 800 missionaries. Grace participates in many different outreach programs. They have ESL training in which they teach non-English speaking people English, both locally and globally on mission trips. Each year they take three different mission trips to other countries. In Thailand they partner with Remember Nhu ministries offering support and creative programs for girls at-risk of human trafficking. They also take a trip to Guatemala partnering with Alliance’s Envision office in El Salvador to help their sister church with construction and outreach to their local community, including rebuilding houses and providing clean water. The other international trip they take is to Ecuador to assist another Alliance church by offering medical, dental and vision clinics as well as outreach, children’s ministry and discipleship.
    These programs help to contribute to global telecommunication as not only is Grace Church helping to rebuild some of these towns and cities, but they also provide medical help to these people. This is important because without healthy people and things like clean water and adequate shelter, then there is no way that these areas can even begin to worry about global telecommunications yet alone have the resources for that kind of communication. Another thing that Grace does that helps tremendously in helping these areas out is the teaching of the English language. Since the English language is quite common it helps these areas to be able to communicate with other areas around the world. With help like Grace Church provides areas in need like this it is a step in the right direction allowing areas like this to develop more so that they themselves have things like radio programming, TV networks, and just simple communication with other countries and areas around the world. It is the little things that Grace Church does that can help out in huge ways. Providing safe and clean homes, proper medical and dental treatment, as well as clean water to drink and teaching of the English language can help bring areas closer to being up to speed with the rest of the world in terms of their telecommunications systems.

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  3. page The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund edited The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund is a non-governmental organization based in Kent, Ohio. The o…
    The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund is a non-governmental organization based in Kent, Ohio. The organization was founded by U.S. citizens who sought to alleviate what they considered to be a “humanitarian crisis” affecting, specifically, Palestinian children in the Middle East. Since their establishment in 1991, the PCRF has expanded their outreach to aid children from other Middle Eastern nations as well, such as Iraq. The PCRF’s main function is providing surgery for both adults and children in the Middle East. To do this, the organization often must transport these individuals to more developed nations to perform their needed procedures. Typical services routinely provided by the PCRF are plastic and reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, pediatric cardiology, pediatric orthopedic surgery and ophthalmology. In addition to transporting individuals to aid their medical needs, the PCRF has also attempted to develop the quality of medical care in the Middle East by directly sending medical equipment to areas such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. An inspiring example of the PCRF’s work can be given through the story of Shaymah Alayoubi, a 9-year-old from the Gaza Strip who suffered severe burns to her face and body in 2002. Alayoubi was brought by the PCRF to a hospital in Canton, Ohio to undergo several free facial reconstruction surgeries following this tragic event. The PCRF provided 3,000 sick children with aid through their visiting missions programs in 2008. That same year, the organization performed surgery on over 1,000 children in need free of cost. All American and non-American citizens can become involved in the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund by donating to the organization or through the act of sponsoring individual children in need. The PCRF has won several awards for their humanitarian efforts. The most prestigious of these awards was President Clinton’s “Yes, I Can” Award. This award was given to the PCRF for their help in providing surgery and extensive care to a triple-amputee. In 2006, former President Jimmy Carter launched a video campaign in praise of the PCRF. That same year, the PCRF teamed up with the British Arts Council to co-produce a documentary entitled “Open Hearts.” The film aimed to shed light upon the dire need for healthcare in Palestine. Despite its humanitarian successes, some have criticized the PCRF for its ties with the “Holy Land Foundation,” as this organization has been suspected by the US government to have been affiliated with terrorist efforts. In addition to this, the PCRF was criticized in NBC’s film “Homeland Security” for being “a front for Islamic Jihad.” These accusations were firmly denied by the PCRF’s president, Steve Sosebee, who claimed that he has no political agenda in his operation of the PCRF. Criticism like this is unwarranted but unsurprising as some might interpret the organization’s aid towards children of Palestine as somehow in conflict with America’s history of Israeli support.
    P.O. Box 1926 – Kent, OH 44240

    (330) 678-2645

    Fax: (330) 678-2661

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  4. page Battelle Memorial Institute edited Battelle Memorial Institute is an organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Battelle Memorial Institut…
    Battelle Memorial Institute is an organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Battelle Memorial Institute is also the world’s largest non-profit organization with over 100 locations across the world. Battelle was established in 1929 by Gordon Battelle an industrial researcher. Battelle had a vision that business and scientific interests can go unite as forces for positive change. Battelle’s includes a strong charitable commitment to community development and education. This non-profit organization focuses on National Security; Health & Life Sciences; Energy, Environment & Material Sciences; and Education as the world’s leading national laboratories and maintains a contract research portfolio.
    Battelle provides services for large government agencies and multi-national corporations to small start-ups and incubator projects. Battelle is known for distribution of resources to its large government agencies and multi-national corporations to small start-ups and incubator projects. Battelle has created a global network of subsidiaries that specialize in finding solutions through targeted research and development. Battelle offers research such as renewable energy resources, medical diagnostics or bio-terrorism. Battelle has subsidiaries in India and japan. Battelle promotes diversity in our workforce and the communities we serve as well as our suppliers and strategic partners.
    Over 75 years, Battelle has assisted an extensive roster of pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology companies and government health agencies. Battelle’s research and development work leads to innovations in diagnostics, drug development, medical devices, agriculture technology and new approaches for public health programs. Battelle’s healths programs help benefit the world.
    This incredible Ohio based organization remains on the leading edge of basic research and scientific discoveries to transform national security operations at home and abroad. Battelle works across diverse markets and around the world; Battelle is working with primary commercial enterprises and government agencies to solve today's complex energy, environmental, and materials challenges. This is a way that Battelle Memorial Institute helps the world as a whole go green. Battelle is helping to fund programs and energy organizations.
    Battelle strives to measurably improve STEM education to prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and thought leaders. Since the United States science and math scores are lower than what they should be Battelle believe it is important create fun and interesting educational programs such as STEM.
    Battelle created opportunities for anyone to participate and volunteer in National Security; Health & Life Sciences; Energy, Environment & Material Sciences; and Education. Team Battelle states that it is a volunteer founded organization. In 1992, Team Battelle was established. The members have volunteered thousands of hours for charities focused on four areas such as Health & Human Services, education, arts & Culture and, Civic & Community. With over 20,000 employees exceeds excellence in its charity work. There are always openings for volunteers and donators. Battelle explains “Working at Battelle makes you part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are passionate about their work in science and technology, the power of collaboration, and their communities” and this would be a great opening for anyone involved in either of these subject listed above.

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  5. page Cedar Creek Church edited Cedar Creek Church is a ministry in Northwest Ohio, consisting of three different locations throug…
    Cedar Creek Church is a ministry in Northwest Ohio, consisting of three different locations throughout the area. The locations in the area are Toledo, Perrysburg, and Whitehouse. Cedar Creek also has an internet campus, which members can join worship and classes by connecting online. The first Cedar Creek location was launched in Perrysburg, OH in 2001, and is still today continuing to grow in attendance as well as the other locations. As attendance grows and more members join the ministry, there are a wide variety of classes, life groups, seminars, family ministries, life support, community care, and outreach opportunities. Cedar Creek Church believes in spreading the word of Christ and positively impacting the communities.
    While exploring Cedar Creek’s outreach program, I have found that they do a variety of different volunteer/outreach programs. They separate these programs into three different categories: local, domestic, and global outreach. The ministry works with numerous organizations in the surrounding area to make these programs successful.
    Cedar Creek is very involved in global development outreach; they do several programs that impact people globally. Some of these programs consist of; food and clothing drives, blood, and disaster relief drives, evangelism ministries, and fundraisers. Three major global outreach programs that Cedar Creek offers is sponsoring a child, Beyond Our Walls Project, and mission trips.
    Cedar Creek works with CNI (Centro Nutricion Infantil), which is a donation organization that was created by GCLA (Great Commission of Latin America), to sponsor a child in parts of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua. Another program Cedar Creek is indefinitely involved in is mission trips to those particular parts of the world as well. Throughout these mission trips members can take part in global development outreach by providing community service, evangelism, and child and medical care to the citizens of the different communities. Lastly, Cedar Creek’s newest project in global outreach is their Beyond Our Walls project. This is a project to gain greater impact from the community and starts a new location in the Sylvania, OH area, provide support for regional and global ministries, and to pay for different construction costs. This campaign is set for a 4.5 million dollar goal to support the whole project.
    I have recently attended the Perrysburg Cedar Creek location several times over the past couple months, however I am not a member of the church yet. I have always been interested in global outreach and have taken part in different programs over the years throughout school. After exploring the ministry’s global development outreach involvement, it is clear to see that the church is very involved globally. What they do is explained very well on their website and also at their locations. Their explanations do make you want to get involved in their different programs and take part in global outreach development. As the ministry continues to grow in members, I think that the involvement in the different outreach programs will as well, especially globally.

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  6. page Bonga Media edited Bonga Media is an international non-governmental organization based in Lorain, Ohio. This organiza…
    Bonga Media is an international non-governmental organization based in Lorain, Ohio. This organization is involved with projects dealing with media in the African country of Uganda. Involvement in developing African nations is common among non-profits, but Bonga Media takes a unique approach by targeting the development and education of Ugandan communication networks and skills. Bonga Media approaches its Ugandan development initiative through two strategies: the creation of films that stress the need for a global community and the education of Ugandans on the use of communications technologies. Bonga Media was created by Callie King ( and Tristan Rader ( The organization was formed in 2009.
    In Bonga Media’s films, Uganda takes the spotlight. The group has created films focusing on aspects in dire need of development within the nation of Uganda. For example, one short film is entirely composed of footage demonstrating the conditions of roads in the Ugandan city of Uganda. The roads are clearly an issue as all shown are made of dirt and clearly make it difficult to travel quickly and efficiently. The narrator relates facts collected by The Media Association of Northern Uganda and describes how to get involved with improving road conditions in Uganda. This video is an example of Bonga Media’s dedication to identifying an issue and exposing it to the world, so the global community can resolve it together. In an assortment of these videos as well as on the group’s website, Bonga Media describes the importance of being a hands-on organization where they are actively involved in the nation of Uganda. By being present in Uganda on their production and educational trips, they learn the
    Subtirelu 1needs of Uganda as a developing nation and can effectively communicate these needs to the rest of the world.
    Bonga Media’s second stratagem for helping Uganda develop fits directly into the creation of films. The crew at Bonga trains Ugandans on the operation of communications equipment while creating films about Uganda. In fact, many of the films that inspire viewers to get involved in Uganda’s development were partially created by Ugandans. The organization has a public description of their communications literacy plan. The plan documents the goals and milestones they hope all Ugandans that receive their training will accomplish. Video, audio, and social media are the main focus groups of Bonga Media’s training programs. Bonga Media has footage documenting their crew training Ugandans on communications technologies like cameras and editing software. In harmony with their attempts at creating a global community, Bonga Media also has footage of their crew learning from Ugandans. These Ohioans are taught the skills of bag weaving and create relationships that transcend national borders.
    Opportunities in getting involved with Bonga Media are limited currently, but Bonga does have a history of fundraising through the Bowling Green, Ohio community. The group has called upon the attendees of Klazel Entertainment’s Konkrete Jungle attendees to help fund their work. Last semester, the group hosted a benefit event alongside a Konkrete Jungle event in which a portion of the entry fees went to Bonga Media. This event was also an educational opportunity as it was specifically aimed at redirecting the energy generated from Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” campaign. Invisible Children created a campaign aimed at ending the warfare in Uganda lead by Joseph Kony. This particular campaign gained worldwide attention through the internet, but Bonga Media felt much of the information was misleading and painted
    Subtirelu 2
    an untrue and outdated picture of Uganda.While they were encouraged by such a mass audience being captivated by Uganda’s story, the group felt there were more sophisticated forms of aid. They encouraged patrons of Konkrete Jungle to research updated information on Uganda to find ways to help and not just rely on Invisible Children’s 10-year-old story of Joseph Kony’s violence. They also offered their own information on Uganda’s state, drawing from their experience in the country and their contacts with Ugandan media outlets.
    In my personal opinion, Bonga Media has an excellent non-profit mission. Their well- defined strategies have been analyzed on a critical level and allow the group to avoid the pitfalls of many international missions. Drawing on class discussions, the group actively works to create relationships with Ugandans and humanize Uganda in the eyes of the viewer which transcends the sociological phenomenon of the “others”. By giving Ugandans the ability to communicate to the world, Bonga Media is allowing Uganda to steer its own development by directly conveying its needs, effectively cutting out the middle man.

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  7. page Mission International of America edited Mission International of American was founded by Jay and Jan Nielsen in 2002. This organization wa…
    Mission International of American was founded by Jay and Jan Nielsen in 2002. This organization was founded in Perrysburg Ohio, where its headquarters is still located. The goal of this charitable organization is to provide medical care, education and employment opportunities for the people of Haiti. The organization has mainly focused on helping a small village in west Haiti called Savanette. Since the Mission International of America has been involved with the development of this village they have brought electricity, clean drinking water, and even an elementary school for the children of this village. The founders, Dr. and Mrs. Nielsen also take a group of volunteers from Ohio to Haiti to assist in their construction projects and to provide the people of Savanette with free medical care.
    The elementary that was created in this village was named after the late Brad Reddick. The founders say that he was a loving husband, father of 8, coach, and committed Christian leader who died of cancer in 2004. They also say that they were honored to name the school in his memory because he taught them so much. The elementary was opened in October 2006. As of 2011, 300 children were enrolled into this school, but there are many more who desire to attend classes. This school was created with the support of many churches, friends, families, and patients of the founders, and with their continuous support and donations made the school has been able to build more classrooms. Also, each school day the children are given a muffin that is donated by Consolidated Biscuit in Toledo Ohio. This is important because this may be the only meal that most of these children receive a day. MIA (Mission International America) also assists in the Ebenezer School, which is a school start by Pastor Noel. This is a school for Restavek, which means slaves, and also orphans. The pastor was receiving the help of volunteer teachers, and was held in a dilapidated shack. With the help of Ft. Meigs School in Perrysburg, they are now feeding the children daily and paying the volunteer teachers a small stipend. They also have helped move the school into a more secure building.
    Another way that MIA is working in Haiti is through a small orphanage not too far from their school that is administrated by a Haitian named Jean Yves. . The CENEAH orphanage provides care for 60 orphans who also attend the Brad Reddick School. MIA provides these children with clothes, shoes, medical care, and support and love as they can to each child. MIA also shipped a heavy duty generator that allowed the children to have clean water, and has been given the ok to begin a community garden on the land of the orphanage in the near future.
    MIA also provides Savanette with medical clinics every time they take a trip to Haiti. Dr. Nielsen and other physicians join in order to help all that they can. They purchased a three room building that is across from their school to hold the clinics when they have them. They hired a woman named Mary France to provide nursing care to the community two days a week. She administers the medication that is provided for the patients. They also provide everyone that comes to their clinic with albendazole. This is a medication that helps purge parasites.
    This organization has also had many different faming projects in Haiti. In November of 2010 they buried 7000 feet of water pipe. They erected water stands for laundry, water collection, bathing, and even irrigation. In the spring of 2011 they installed drip irrigation at their school and also in 13 individual family gardens; they say that 47 more will be added soon. In the fall of 2011 they built rabbit cages for 60 families. In November 2009 they taught the women at the Reddick School how to make bracelets from recycled magazine pages and scrapbook paper. This is a way to make money to help feed their families. In June 2010, they began to grow a special form of Artemisia that cures malaria. The 60 dollar bottle of pills can be replaced by a .50 cents bag of tea.
    There are many ways to become involved in this organization. Some may be able to pay for a teacher for the Brad Reddick School, you could donate 1.00 dollar, which feeds four children for a whole day, or 75 dollars that will feed all of the children within their school for a day. Someone could donate small black dolls, matchbox cars, soccer balls, and new children’s underwear and clothing. Also, sewing notions are needed for their adult education program. Someone looking to help can also sponsor a child. This means that they are giving a child the opportunity to go to school and learn. 100 dollars a year and that pays for a child’s tuition, books, a book bag, a pair of shoes and a uniform. Mission International American, which was founded out of Perrysburg Ohio is doing all that is can for the development of this small village in Haiti of just 2,500 people.

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  8. page Shoulder to Shoulder (NGO) edited Shoulder to Shoulder is a private and non-profit NGO founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1996. Shoulder…
    Shoulder to Shoulder is a private and non-profit NGO founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1996. Shoulder to Shoulder works closely with other local program Hombro a Hombro. The two programs work together to help rural and poor communities in Honduras and address health, educational and economic issues there as well. Since the organization formed the two organizations have worked together in creating health centers in various locations such as Santa Lucia, San Jose, Santa Ana and San Marcos de La Sierra. These clinics provide medical and dental care to thousands of patients each year. They also provide a feeding center to the community with extensive, school-based feeding programs and home-based water filtration systems.
    Shoulder to Shoulder believes in having a long term relationship and presence in Honduras. The longer an organization stays to help out in the country the more real good can be accomplished in a long term time frame and hopefully things can stay that way and not fade away over time. The three main goals in Shoulder to Shoulder’s long term mission are.
    Sustainable community health and development
    Learning opportunities for medical trainees
    Opportunities for reflective personal growth for group participants.
    Some members of Shoulder to Shoulder include
    Bryan Marsalis – Director of Operations
    Daniel Vallejo – Director of Operations
    Eliezer Shinnar – Director of Information
    Susan Yates – Director of Women’s Health
    Laura Chan – Director of Women’s Pharmacy
    Dr. Ruben Martinez – Director of medicine
    _GoBackDr. Rosbinda Voiquedana Director of Medicine
    Manuel Laínez Director of Community
    Shoulder to Shoulder are expanding quickly and have partnerships with many schools such as the University of Cincinnati, Baylor University, the University of Rochester, the University of Pittsburgh, and Thundermist Health Center, all of which are initiating new Shoulder to Shoulder projects in various areas of Honduras. Other health centers are beginning to organize brigades to explore developing new relationships with communities.
    There are several options when volunteering for Shoulder to Shoulder. Everyone should be able to find a method of volunteering to suit them. Some options are: two week brigades, long-term rotations (1 month or more), medical rotations, and even career opportunities. You can also make a donation. Information on how to do all of these things and more is located on their website at .

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