Shoulder to Shoulder is a private and non-profit NGO founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1996. Shoulder to Shoulder works closely with other local program Hombro a Hombro. The two programs work together to help rural and poor communities in Honduras and address health, educational and economic issues there as well. Since the organization formed the two organizations have worked together in creating health centers in various locations such as Santa Lucia, San Jose, Santa Ana and San Marcos de La Sierra. These clinics provide medical and dental care to thousands of patients each year. They also provide a feeding center to the community with extensive, school-based feeding programs and home-based water filtration systems.
Shoulder to Shoulder believes in having a long term relationship and presence in Honduras. The longer an organization stays to help out in the country the more real good can be accomplished in a long term time frame and hopefully things can stay that way and not fade away over time. The three main goals in Shoulder to Shoulder’s long term mission are.
  • Sustainable community health and development
  • Learning opportunities for medical trainees
  • Opportunities for reflective personal growth for group participants.
Some members of Shoulder to Shoulder include
  • Bryan Marsalis – Director of Operations
  • Daniel Vallejo – Director of Operations
  • Eliezer Shinnar – Director of Information
  • Susan Yates – Director of Women’s Health
  • Laura Chan – Director of Women’s Pharmacy
  • Dr. Ruben Martinez – Director of medicine
  • Dr. Rosbinda Voiquedana Director of Medicine
  • Manuel Laínez Director of Community
Shoulder to Shoulder are expanding quickly and have partnerships with many schools such as the University of Cincinnati, Baylor University, the University of Rochester, the University of Pittsburgh, and Thundermist Health Center, all of which are initiating new Shoulder to Shoulder projects in various areas of Honduras. Other health centers are beginning to organize brigades to explore developing new relationships with communities.
There are several options when volunteering for Shoulder to Shoulder. Everyone should be able to find a method of volunteering to suit them. Some options are: two week brigades, long-term rotations (1 month or more), medical rotations, and even career opportunities. You can also make a donation. Information on how to do all of these things and more is located on their website at .