Mission International of American was founded by Jay and Jan Nielsen in 2002. This organization was founded in Perrysburg Ohio, where its headquarters is still located. The goal of this charitable organization is to provide medical care, education and employment opportunities for the people of Haiti. The organization has mainly focused on helping a small village in west Haiti called Savanette. Since the Mission International of America has been involved with the development of this village they have brought electricity, clean drinking water, and even an elementary school for the children of this village. The founders, Dr. and Mrs. Nielsen also take a group of volunteers from Ohio to Haiti to assist in their construction projects and to provide the people of Savanette with free medical care.
The elementary that was created in this village was named after the late Brad Reddick. The founders say that he was a loving husband, father of 8, coach, and committed Christian leader who died of cancer in 2004. They also say that they were honored to name the school in his memory because he taught them so much. The elementary was opened in October 2006. As of 2011, 300 children were enrolled into this school, but there are many more who desire to attend classes. This school was created with the support of many churches, friends, families, and patients of the founders, and with their continuous support and donations made the school has been able to build more classrooms. Also, each school day the children are given a muffin that is donated by Consolidated Biscuit in Toledo Ohio. This is important because this may be the only meal that most of these children receive a day. MIA (Mission International America) also assists in the Ebenezer School, which is a school start by Pastor Noel. This is a school for Restavek, which means slaves, and also orphans. The pastor was receiving the help of volunteer teachers, and was held in a dilapidated shack. With the help of Ft. Meigs School in Perrysburg, they are now feeding the children daily and paying the volunteer teachers a small stipend. They also have helped move the school into a more secure building.
Another way that MIA is working in Haiti is through a small orphanage not too far from their school that is administrated by a Haitian named Jean Yves. . The CENEAH orphanage provides care for 60 orphans who also attend the Brad Reddick School. MIA provides these children with clothes, shoes, medical care, and support and love as they can to each child. MIA also shipped a heavy duty generator that allowed the children to have clean water, and has been given the ok to begin a community garden on the land of the orphanage in the near future.
MIA also provides Savanette with medical clinics every time they take a trip to Haiti. Dr. Nielsen and other physicians join in order to help all that they can. They purchased a three room building that is across from their school to hold the clinics when they have them. They hired a woman named Mary France to provide nursing care to the community two days a week. She administers the medication that is provided for the patients. They also provide everyone that comes to their clinic with albendazole. This is a medication that helps purge parasites.
This organization has also had many different faming projects in Haiti. In November of 2010 they buried 7000 feet of water pipe. They erected water stands for laundry, water collection, bathing, and even irrigation. In the spring of 2011 they installed drip irrigation at their school and also in 13 individual family gardens; they say that 47 more will be added soon. In the fall of 2011 they built rabbit cages for 60 families. In November 2009 they taught the women at the Reddick School how to make bracelets from recycled magazine pages and scrapbook paper. This is a way to make money to help feed their families. In June 2010, they began to grow a special form of Artemisia that cures malaria. The 60 dollar bottle of pills can be replaced by a .50 cents bag of tea.
There are many ways to become involved in this organization. Some may be able to pay for a teacher for the Brad Reddick School, you could donate 1.00 dollar, which feeds four children for a whole day, or 75 dollars that will feed all of the children within their school for a day. Someone could donate small black dolls, matchbox cars, soccer balls, and new children’s underwear and clothing. Also, sewing notions are needed for their adult education program. Someone looking to help can also sponsor a child. This means that they are giving a child the opportunity to go to school and learn. 100 dollars a year and that pays for a child’s tuition, books, a book bag, a pair of shoes and a uniform. Mission International American, which was founded out of Perrysburg Ohio is doing all that is can for the development of this small village in Haiti of just 2,500 people.