Grace Church is a Christian based church in Middleburg Heights Ohio. They look to spread the word of God through their teachings and many different classes they have to offer. Grace is one of a few thousand different members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance that support over 800 missionaries. Grace participates in many different outreach programs. They have ESL training in which they teach non-English speaking people English, both locally and globally on mission trips. Each year they take three different mission trips to other countries. In Thailand they partner with Remember Nhu ministries offering support and creative programs for girls at-risk of human trafficking. They also take a trip to Guatemala partnering with Alliance’s Envision office in El Salvador to help their sister church with construction and outreach to their local community, including rebuilding houses and providing clean water. The other international trip they take is to Ecuador to assist another Alliance church by offering medical, dental and vision clinics as well as outreach, children’s ministry and discipleship.
These programs help to contribute to global telecommunication as not only is Grace Church helping to rebuild some of these towns and cities, but they also provide medical help to these people. This is important because without healthy people and things like clean water and adequate shelter, then there is no way that these areas can even begin to worry about global telecommunications yet alone have the resources for that kind of communication. Another thing that Grace does that helps tremendously in helping these areas out is the teaching of the English language. Since the English language is quite common it helps these areas to be able to communicate with other areas around the world. With help like Grace Church provides areas in need like this it is a step in the right direction allowing areas like this to develop more so that they themselves have things like radio programming, TV networks, and just simple communication with other countries and areas around the world. It is the little things that Grace Church does that can help out in huge ways. Providing safe and clean homes, proper medical and dental treatment, as well as clean water to drink and teaching of the English language can help bring areas closer to being up to speed with the rest of the world in terms of their telecommunications systems.