The organization I chose to research is a Non Government Organization called the Council of International Programs. The Council of International Programs is not directly located in Northwest Ohio, the Organization still works out of Ohio and is located in the Cleveland area, but still works across the United States as well as spanning the globe in order to work with numerous countries on their specified programs. The exact Mission Statement of this particular organization reads, “The Council of International Programs USA is promotes international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange.” The Council goes about this Mission Statement by providing participants with valuable, high quality experience in both professional training and cultural experiences through programs that exchange the incumbent participant to a designated family. The beginning of the Council started over 50 years ago shortly after the end of World War II. In an effort to salvage what was left of any United States, Germany relationship Dr. Henry B. Ollendorff brought over 25 Germans over to the United States for youth leadership training. From this original training, based out of Cleveland, the program began to see an extraordinary amount of popularity and began to attract attention from people from all across the world who wanted to come to the United States to learn about leadership and professionalism. To date the Council has claimed to have brought over 10,000 international professionals from 147 difference countries to the states in order to give them training tailored to the individuals professional and educational goals, as well as making them aware of cultural differences and helping them to understand these differences. The Council of International Programs offers a few ways that you can get involved in helping to not only bring international professionals to the United States, but they also offer ways to be directly involved with the education of the participants. With the Council you can serve as a Host Family to the international participants, which gives you the chance to show them first hand the culture of America and can also benefit yourself in showing you the ways of another culture to which you are not accustom. Another way in which you can get involved is by Volunteering both from a cultural aspect and educational aspect. This can range from going around with the participant and helping to aid in the education of the participant. The Council offers several programs to International participants, one of which has been named the CORE Program. In this particular program an individual is placed at one of the five Council headquarters, three of which are located in either Ohio or nearby Michigan (Cleveland, Columbus, and Kalamazoo, Michigan). One at their facility they undergo programs, which include: Business, Communication/Information Media, Education, Government/Law, Nonprofit, and Social Work Administration. Not only does the organization allow International Professionals to come to the United States to learn, they also have opportunities for United States citizens to travel abroad in order to expand their knowledge in a variety of fields, similar to the concepts behind international participants coming to America. Besides for working on donations, many of the Councils programs are Grant funded and the organization has worked closely U.S. Department of State. The organization has done work to help individuals from across the world to help expand their horizons both professionally and culturally. Although it doesn’t help those ‘in need’ like many others do, the organization has a very good purpose behind it and has done a lot of good work not only in Ohio but also throughout the world.

Contact Information:
Phone: 216-566-1088
Adress: CIPUSA
3500 Lorain Avenue, Suite 504
Cleveland, OH 44113