Cedar Creek Church is a ministry in Northwest Ohio, consisting of three different locations throughout the area. The locations in the area are Toledo, Perrysburg, and Whitehouse. Cedar Creek also has an internet campus, which members can join worship and classes by connecting online. The first Cedar Creek location was launched in Perrysburg, OH in 2001, and is still today continuing to grow in attendance as well as the other locations. As attendance grows and more members join the ministry, there are a wide variety of classes, life groups, seminars, family ministries, life support, community care, and outreach opportunities. Cedar Creek Church believes in spreading the word of Christ and positively impacting the communities.
While exploring Cedar Creek’s outreach program, I have found that they do a variety of different volunteer/outreach programs. They separate these programs into three different categories: local, domestic, and global outreach. The ministry works with numerous organizations in the surrounding area to make these programs successful.
Cedar Creek is very involved in global development outreach; they do several programs that impact people globally. Some of these programs consist of; food and clothing drives, blood, and disaster relief drives, evangelism ministries, and fundraisers. Three major global outreach programs that Cedar Creek offers is sponsoring a child, Beyond Our Walls Project, and mission trips.
Cedar Creek works with CNI (Centro Nutricion Infantil), which is a donation organization that was created by GCLA (Great Commission of Latin America), to sponsor a child in parts of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua. Another program Cedar Creek is indefinitely involved in is mission trips to those particular parts of the world as well. Throughout these mission trips members can take part in global development outreach by providing community service, evangelism, and child and medical care to the citizens of the different communities. Lastly, Cedar Creek’s newest project in global outreach is their Beyond Our Walls project. This is a project to gain greater impact from the community and starts a new location in the Sylvania, OH area, provide support for regional and global ministries, and to pay for different construction costs. This campaign is set for a 4.5 million dollar goal to support the whole project.
I have recently attended the Perrysburg Cedar Creek location several times over the past couple months, however I am not a member of the church yet. I have always been interested in global outreach and have taken part in different programs over the years throughout school. After exploring the ministry’s global development outreach involvement, it is clear to see that the church is very involved globally. What they do is explained very well on their website and also at their locations. Their explanations do make you want to get involved in their different programs and take part in global outreach development. As the ministry continues to grow in members, I think that the involvement in the different outreach programs will as well, especially globally.