Though they have only been formed within the last few years, the new non-profit organization Bloom Africa has already shown that they have their hearts in the right place as far as helping the impoverished regions of Africa. Their main focus is on the small country of Lesotho, located within South Africa. According to Bloom Africa’s website, Lesotho is “one of the world’s least developed countries,” and this is due to extreme inequalities in wealth, the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition caused by droughts. It is a very starved, very poor nation, and it is often completely forgotten about due to its small size (comparable to Rhode Island and Massachusetts combined).
Bloom Africa began at Wittenberg University in 2010 when a group went on a trip to Lesotho for school. The experience left the group completely stunned, and they knew that they had to create a foundation to connect them to Lesotho. As such, they work exclusively in the country, where they help build infrastructure, such as roads and methods of communication. For help, they work with other NGOs who also do development work in Lesotho.
The most important aspect of Bloom Africa’s work, however, deals with the medical aspects of treating one of the poorest nations in the world. Lesotho has one of the highest percentages AIDS-affected individuals, and Bloom Africa has worked extensively to get that number cut down. It’s affected the entire nation, as much of the population dies from HIV/AIDS or is affected by those that die. It’s estimated that about 1 in 4 people in Lesotho have contracted HIV/AIDS, which are unfathomable numbers compared to the Western standard rate.
The staff members of Bloom Africa are all very aware of Lesotho, and have all spent time in the country. They know what it is like firsthand, and they know how to aid in the development of the nation. They want to do all that they can to help, but they are still a very new organization, and have not developed extensive systems and networks. Though they are young, the workers of Bloom Africa are willing to bring some stability to the impoverished nation of Lesotho in any way that they can.
Their address is:
Bloom Africa, Inc.
4605 East National Road
Springfield, Ohio 45505